In 2017, our firm was lead or co-lead counsel on more than 40 class actions that were either won or resolved for a total amount generated to all the class members of over $20,700,000.  This included approximately 30 wage and hour class actions for truckers in California and Washington, including both class actions for unpaid rest periods and PAGA representative and class actions for misclassification penalties and derivative claims.  We also handled 5 class actions for farm workers in Washington state, and several class actions for outside salespersons in California where they were not fully reimbursed for their out-of-pocket gas expenses associated with their driving of their personal vehicles for work-related sales calls.  In 2017, we were lead or co-lead counsel on 10 class actions that were resolved for more than $500,000 and five class actions that were resolved for more than $1 million.  Notably, we also obtained class certification on a contested motion in the Central District of California before the Hon. Judge John Korndstadt in a trucker piece-rate rest break and unpaid inspection time class action for 540 truck drivers that was subsequently resolved for $2,950,000.  In total, we represented more than 40,000 workers in wage and hour class actions.

In 2018, our firm has continued to build on its prior success.  Currently, we are lead class counsel or co-lead class counsel on 50 class actions that we already won or have obtained settlement agreements that will be considered for final approval by the Courts in 2018, where the total amount recovered, and that will be paid out to all the various class members, if these class action settlements are all approved, will exceed $31,100,000.   At this time, in certified classes and/or classes certified by settlement and stipulation, we are representing more than 80,000 workers in these cases.  Notably, this includes approximately 20 unpaid rest break class actions for farm workers in Washington state, approximately 15 class actions for truck drivers in California and Washington state alleging unpaid rest breaks and/or misclassification, and approximately 15 other classes of either commission-based employees at retail chains or at auto dealerships alleging unpaid rest breaks and unpaid non-productive time in California.  In 2018, we have also settled several PAGA representative and/or class actions for inaccurate or incomplete wage statements against large employers in California who had failed to include the total hours worked of employees (or other required information) on their employees’ wage statements.  We also have a number of multi-plaintiff sexual harassment cases pending in California and several other states, including Washington and Michigan, where we are working closely with our terrific local and co-counsel for the benefit of our clients.

Given our opening and the rapid growth of our Tacoma, Washington office, and the continued solid growth of our California practice and firm, we are now handling more than 125 class actions in California and Washington, and regularly achieving impressive results for our class members either through settlement or litigation.  It is truly an honor and a privilege for our firm to be involved in this very rewarding work of seeking to obtain redress for workers who have not been paid all of their wages owed, who have not been fully reimbursed for their business-related expenses, and/or who have been subjected to sexually hostile work environments or other workplace abuses.  As a result, all of us here at Ackermann & Tilajef, P.C. look forward to 2019 and beyond!  So far in 2019, we have settled 62 class action settlements with a total of 36 million class members!